Update Aadhaar card details online

Aadhaar Card update: The UIDAI has been encouraging residents to upload Proof of Identity and Proof of Address (PoI/PoA) documents

Update Aadhaar card details online: The Unique Identification Authority of

India (UIDAI) on 13 December informed that it had extended the free Aadhaar update of documents by 3 months 

Among the details sought include name, address, and details of relatives in case of marriage or death, etc.

These details can be updated for free on UIDAI’s website or physically done at Common

Services Centres (CSC). It is important to note that this service is free only on the myAadhaar portal

and will continue to attract a fee of ₹50 at physical Aadhaar centres, UIDAI had earlier said.

The UIDAI has been encouraging residents to upload Proof of Identity and Proof of Address (PoI/PoA)

documents to revalidate their demographic details, especially if Aadhaar was issued 10 years back and never got updated.

Aadhaar card update: How to avail of this free service

-Residents may log in on https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ using their Aadhaar number.

3) Click on “Update Aadhaar Online”.

4) Select ‘address’ from the list of demographic options and click ‘Proceed to Update Aadhaar’.

5) Upload a scanned copy and enter the required demographic information.

6) Make a payment of ₹25. ( Not required till 14 December 14)

7) A Service Request Number (SRN) will be generated which needs to be saved for tracking status.

aadhar Update apply

After the internal quality check is completed, the UIDAI subscriber will receive an SMS.

Aadhar Update Last Date: How to Update Aadhaar Card Online for Free?

Aadhaar Update Last Date

The last date to update Aadhaar card for free is 14 March 2024 on the myAadhaar portal.

After 14 March 2024, you will have to update your proof of identity and address documents for Aadhaar card by paying a fee. 

Initially, the UIDAI made this Aadhaar card document update facility free online

till 14 December 2023 and later extended it till 14 March 2024 due to a positive response from the residents. Thus, the facility to update Aadhaar card documents will remain free online on the myAadhaar portal till 14 March 2024.

Fee For Aadhaar Card Update

There is no fee for Aadhaar card update online on the myAadhaar portal till 14 March 2024.

However, this update facility is not free if you do it offline at a physical Aadhaar centre. You will have to pay a fee of Rs.50 when you update your documents for your Aadhaar card at Aadhaar centres.  

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